Programing and Design

Hello there. I'm Steven, but people call me Coach.

I'm a freelance programmer and designer who dabbles in a bit of art. While I am at Univerisity, studing Computer Games Programming, I also work on personal and group projects in my spare time. Using a range of skills from years of freelance development, I solve problems and bring projects from concept to reality.

My diverse skillset ranges from C-based languages like C# and C++ to web design and development in CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and PHP. I also have experience in software design, server management, website administration and video game art.

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Portfolio (responsive)

This portfolio website was built entirely from scratch. As a full-stack web developer, I wanted to make my portfolio myself for two reasons; It showcases my ability and it allows for complete control over the design and flow of the page. A Javascript/jQuery front-end powers sleek visuals with animations while PHP powers the back-end for creating and displaying posts.

The Design Concept

I based the design for the portfolio on a handful of other design-based portfolios I found. Almost all of them had one common element: A full screen landing intro. This was an element that took up the whole viewport and showed the name of the person, a small paragraph of bio and social media links. I took this concept and added to it by adding a discover more button at the bottom that will only show up on 1080p displays and will automatically scroll down to the start of the portfolio entries.

I wanted a clean, modern look with minimal effects and shadows and chose a color pallete I liked: dark red, dark grey and off white.


In the age we live in, the amount of internet-connected devices is astonishing. In the past, people would only be able to visit your website from a computer. Now, your site could be visited by a phone, a watch, heck even a smartfridge! This means in the modern age we need to be able to account for displays of different size in our design. This is called responsive design. Of course, not every website needs to be responsive. For example, a company intranet site might only ever be used on internal computers of a set resolution. However, for my portfolio, I wanted anyone who visits to be able to have the optimal viewing experience as you never know what device people will be visiting on. Making a website responsive is also a must-have skill for any apsiring web designer and this is the perfect way to showcase my ability!


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Catch-a-ride page concept
Catch-a-ride ordering system.

Concept for an uber/lyft style service. This was created for a modded GTAV roleplay server. After logging in, a user can order a ride which has full Google Maps API integration allowing to select exact locations for pickup and dropoff and get fare estimates. The journey data is managed through MySQL and the website offers a sleak front-end with minimal page-loading thanks to AJAX Posts to handle getting and setting data. Since the service is essentially a parody of Uber, the design of the page was heavily influenced by Uber's website.


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Solo Unrealeased Unity
Early crane puzzle (left) and tram puzzle (right)

Terragon is a 2D sci-fi puzzle platformer. You play as a rescue robot on a distant mining outpost in the future. A facility-wide distaster causes you to be activated to look for survivors. This was one of my most complete games and was roughly 40% done. Sadly, due to a hard-drive failure I completely lost all the source files for the game. All that still exists is a Unity Web Player build of an earlier version of the game. One day, I would like to try and remake the game.

aggressive gaming website

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Aggressive Gaming Forum

Aggressive Gaming uses the XenForo forum software. Working with the owner, I modified the REKT theme to match the specifications provided to give the forum the appropriate color scheme. In addition, I created multiple widgets and extra site functionality including: notification/site information scrolling gallery, cross-site shoutbox modification to link the shoutbox across the multiple sub forums, sidebar widget for social media links, functionality to display the live server count of game servers, cross-site account synchronization.

planetary slingshot

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Solo Released Unity
Game Summary on IndieDB
Tactical overview with new asteroids
Game Over! Planet explosion effect.

my darkest hour

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Team Project Unreleased Game Maker/Unity
Original 2D version (left) and concept 3D version (right)


My Darkest Hour is, a 3D isometric survival game, set in the UK on the onset of a pandemic. As the protagonist, you have to survive, grow food, manage day-to-day chores and face the dangers of the ever-growing hostile, starved and desperate population.

Key Features

  • In-depth survival system
  • Scripted Events
  • Barricade and defence
  • Inventory System
  • Basic Enemy AI

pixel wars

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Solo Released Game Maker
Pixel Wars Release Version


A top-down 2D multiplayer arcade shooter. This project was for me to learn the basics of game development (my first game!) and then advanced to learning networking and multiplayer.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer (Dedicated server model)
  • Server-side statistic storage and user account system
  • Physical/sprite-based shooting collision
  • Networked chat
  • Level editor

misc projects

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Miscellaneous game development projects that did not become games or were cancelled. All of these were for learning purposes and investigating a part of game development.

  • Tile-based random map generator
  • 3D multiplayer shooter - unity
  • Single player (vs AI) Vietnam era shooter (with vehicles)
  • 2D side-scrolling building/sandbox game (terraria inspired)
  • 2D character creation menu
  • GTAV multiplayer police-sim mod
  • "Rapture Inc"
    Source Engine story puzzle game. Team project (cancelled)
  • "After Effect"
    Apocalyptic Survival "pick your own adventure" game. Team Project (left to focus on school) Link to IndieDB page
  • Various Garry's Mod addons and gamemodes in LUA
  • Mobile factory/production game (Factorio inspired)